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Herman runs for blind kinds - 2023 edition

par Herman van der Loos

1 245 €

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On Sunday 28 May 2023, I will be running at the 20 km de Bruxelles-20 km door Brussel for the Ligue Braille-Brailleliga !

Launched in 1920, the Ligue Braille supports over 15,500 blind/vision impaired people all over the country with just one purpose: seeking to increase the self-reliance, integration and development of blind and partially sighted men, women and kids. VI kids can still enjoy an autonomous & enjoyable life but need to be helped as early as possible in their life to maximize the chances of success. The Ligue Braille owes its existence to the generosity of the general public as grants barely cover a fraction of its needs. More info; https://www.braille.be/en

This is my 4th participation to the 20 km and the third time I create a donation page; in 2022 we collected 870 euros for the Ligue Braille, we were the best individual oroject in 2022 !  https://go.braille.be/events/20-km-de-bruxelles-2022

I'm not a great runner (last year I finished 'slightly above 2 hours') but I know many, many great people just like you so that are either running or willing to help. I'll try my best on Sunday and I'm sure we can do even better in 2023 and donate more to the Ligue Braille.

Many many thanks for helping me help them, your support will be my best friend on that faithful Sunday.

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Kris Kippers

40 €


Henry van der Loos

5 €


Camille van der Loos

10 €


Dominique Moerenhout

50 €


Frederic Van Dieren

25 €


Beatrice Leysens

10 €


Erik De Clippel

40 €



200 €


Eléonore van der Loos

40 €


Vincent Koppmair

5 €

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  • Herman van der Loos

    Créateur de la page


    2 weeks to go !

    Still 2 weeks to go ! We are already at 780 euros, very close to our goal of 1,000 euros. Many thanks to all that have contributed, you are such a great network.
    If you haven’t contributed, please consider a donation, big, small, all help is greatly appreciated and will fund the help & care to vision impaired kids performed by the Ligue Braille. Let’s make it a great event an prove our performance of last year (870 euros).
    Many thanks and see you at the 20km of Brussels on Sunday 28 May. Your help and support will be my best friends on the track.
    My Ligue Braille secure donation page: 

  • Herman van der Loos

    Créateur de la page


    17/04/2023 THNAKS TO ALL, KEEP THE FAITH !

    Dear all,

    Many thanks to all contributors, we are already at more than 200 euros. On the training side I have adopted now a 3 x 6 km weekly routine for the next 2 weeks before accelerating further.

    Those that have not contributed yet, especially all the friendly likers, please, please do not forget to contribute, even a small help can make a huge difference.

    Thanks again to all contributors !

  • Herman van der Loos

    Créateur de la page


    31/03/2023 Let's get started !

    Donation page created !

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